Top 5 Wednesday

This week for Top 5 Wednesday I will be mentioning authors that I have only read a book or a few from and I can’t wait to read more by them.

1. Sarah Dessen

I have great so many great things about Sarah Dessen and many have said she is their favorite contemporary author. I am a huge fan of this genre and I plan on reading all of her novels in publication order. I read That Summer and I can’t wait to continue this journey.

2. Maggie Steifvater

Most of you probably know that The Raven Boys is one of my favorite series of all time. Maggie Steifvater creates a new world with amazing descriptions and assembles complex characters that are impossible to not fall in love with. I am so excited to explore her other works!

3. Jandy Nelson

Jandy Nelson only has two novels out and I have read both of them. I’ll Give You the Sun is the first novel I read by her and after finishing it she instantly became one of my favorite authors. Her writing style is so beautiful and she just has a way to male a story feel so special to anyone reading it. She is releasing Fall Boys & Dizzy in Paradise this year and I couldn’t be more excited to read it.

4. Alexandra Bracken

I have read the first two novels in the Darkest Minds series and I am so excited to read the final novel. The series pulled me in immediately with its unique concept and complex characters. Bracken is another author who know how to make a character that you can’t help but love and worry for. I am so pumped for the next series of hers I pick up.

5. Gillian Flynn

I think almost everyone has heard of Gone Girl whether its the book or the movie. I personally have not read or seen them but I have read Darkest Places and I really enjoyed it. Weird and twisted novels are one of my favorites to read and Flynn’s books hit the spot.  I can’t wait to read Gone Girl and all of her other works.

Do you agree with my top 5 picks? What are some author’s you need to read more by?

Thanks for reading! -Catherine 🙂


18 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday

  1. I’m a bit shocked to know I’ve only read two of the authors you listed here! Dessen and I have a complicated relationship. The first book of her’s I read was This Lullaby. I just couldn’t connect! But, I really enjoyed The Truth About Forever. So many books!

    I haven’t read The Raven Boys yet. It sounds like something I should read?

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    1. The Raven Boys is like my holy grail. There are no words to explain how good it is. I went into the series quite blind which I feel is better because so much weird stuff happens that would make no sense before reading it. The characters are just as amazing as the plot, I highly recommend.

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