Book Haul

Happy Easter everyone! To give a variety to my blog rather than just posting reviews I thought I’d include some new posts which is why I’m posting this haul. This is an accumulation of books I’ve bought and received mainly in the month of April and I’ll include where they are all from. Hope you enjoy and I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these books!

Image result for valentino villain seriesImage result for valentino villain seriesImage result for valentino villain series

I picked up this series by Serena Valentino at Barnes & Noble. They have a display of villain novels which is to die for so I thought I would give them a shot. I’m wrapping up the second novel now and they’re not too bad! Let me know if you’d like a review of any of these books.

Image result for sense and sensibility bookImage result for the lovely bones bookImage result for elegy for september bookImage result for huckleberry finn bookImage result for the princess bride bookImage result for hansel and gretel true story bookImage result for the hobbit book

Over spring break I discovered a store by my house that has super cheap books and I couldn’t be happier! I picked up these six books for $20 and most of them are brand new!

Image result for annihilation bookImage result for sarah dessen booksImage result for sarah dessen books

These are from my second trip to the book store I mentioned above. The Annihilation trilogy was recommended to me by my sister and it seems super cool so I can’t wait to read it. Sarah Dessen is one of the top contemporary authors and I have never read any of her book so I thought I’d get her first two novels since I found them for $4 and I want to read all of her books in the order she wrote them!

Image result for the handmaid's taleImage result for the city of bones bookImage result for seraphina book

The Handmaid’s Tale I bought on another trip to Barnes & Noble. I have read a few of Margaret Atwood’s short stories and I absolutely loved them so I thought it was appropriate to get into her novels. I also want to read Cassandra Clare’s work and I plan on reading in publication order which is why I will start with The Mortal Instruments series. I have never heard of Seraphina but I spotted it in Barnes & Noble and it seems very interesting.

Image result for never fade alexandra brackenImage result for the darkest minds alexandra bracken

These are the second and third books to the Darkest Mind trilogy which I bought for myself. I already have a review posted for the second novel and I will write one for the third as soon as I finish the book! I’m so sad that I’m almost done with this series because I am so in love with the world and all the characters.

Image result for a court of thorns and rosesImage result for the black prism bookImage result for the grisha trilogy

Lastly are all these incredible books my parents bought me for Easter. These are all parts of series that I have been wanting to read for the longest time. I thought it was about time I hopped on the Sarah J. Maas wagon since I haven’t read any of her novels so far and I wanted to start withe the Court of Thorns and Roses series since the new book will be out soon and I have only heard amazing things about it. The Black Prism series is something I heard about throughout the book community and once I heard the concept of light magic and color wielding I knew I had to read it because it’s right up my ally. Leigh Bardugo is another super popular author that I have yet to follow and I thought the Grisha trilogy would be a good start and a great warm up before diving into the much raved about Six of Crows.

I have so much reading to do and that is a wonderful problem to have. All of these books I have heard amazing things about and I really cannot wait to find out what the rave is all about. Let me know which of these books you’d like to see reviews of and your thoughts on any of these novel if you’ve read them!

Thanks for reading! -Catherine 🙂


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