Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson


Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson takes place in Stanwich Connecticut. Emily and Sloane are a package deal and are always together. Sloane is outgoing and flirty while Emily is shy and quiet and commonly known as “Sloane’s friend.”When summer rolls around Sloane is no longer answering her cell phone and her house is abandoned. Emily is very depressed and crawls back into her shell since she always relies on Sloane when it comes to social confrontations.

One day a letter comes in the mail for Emily from Sloane. It is a list of 13 things to do and once she is finished, Emily must find Sloane. All of the items on the list are things that Emily would never do and she has no idea why Sloane would have her do such crazy and insane things, however Emily has to do this if she ever wants to see her best friend again.

By doing all of the things on the list, Emily soon finds herself making new friends that she would have never met otherwise. Frank, Collins, and Dawn take on all of these adventures that have possibly given them the best summer ever. This list may be the reason that Emily finally stands out in a crowd and can finally hold her own and be independent.

I give this book 5/5 stars without a doubt.

I am so crazy for this book. From the moment I picked it up I knew that I would love it. Firstly, I love the little town that Morgan has created n which all of her books take place. It is so funny to read about a place that the characters are going to while you already felt like you’ve been there. I also adore the relationships Morgan creates between all of the characters in this book. It is so amazing to hear how perfect of a friendship Sloane and Emily have but it was even better to experience Emily’s new ones. I found myself smiling at all the times Frank and Emily were together and how awkward it was in the beginning of the novel and how it soon developed into something so much more.

Finally, I fell in love with the adventure aspect of the book. Reading about Emily accomplish all of these things was so suspenseful and entertaining. It is so nice to see how Emily changed after each thing she crossed off the list. Her growth is so incredible in this book and it proves how much of a deeper meaning Sloane’s list has instead of just allowing Emily to have a good summer.

I REALLY enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy, fast-paced contemporary that will put you in a feel-good summer mood.

Thanks for reading! -Catherine 🙂


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